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What brings you to our office?
Have you been a patient in a hospital in the past 5 years?
Have you been under the care of a physician during the past 5 years?
Have you ever taken any kind of medication to increase bone density or prevent bone destruction for osteoporosis or cancer?
List all medications (including herbal remedies) taken during the past year.
List all allergies to medications, foods, latex, etc.
What kind of reaction did you have to the medications?
Have you ever had any excessive bleeding requiring special treatment?
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Have you ever had any other serious illness?
Have you been diagnosed with any immune disorder? (Radiation treatment, Chemotherapy, Splenectomy, Steroid use)
Have you ever had any problems with your temporomandibular joints (jaw joints); e.g., noises, pain, or limited opening?
Have you or anyone in your family had any problems with general anesthesia?
Has a member of your family been seen in our office before?
Are you wearing contact lenses?